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809 Court St.
Utica, NY 13492



Welcome to Tiger Lily Quilt Co!

  It’s a HAPPY NEW YEAR is a bit of an understatement! The end of December was a whirlwind and we finally have our feet back on the ground again. Wow! It seemed that one day the shop was closing its doors forever and the next day it had a brand new owner. That’s just the beginning of this new chapter of Tiger Lily Quilt Co.
  New products are coming in every day. Special events are planned. Clubs are all set up and awaiting your arrival. Classes are ready for you to stretch your quilting knowledge and imagination.
  We have so many hopes and dreams for the new shop and for all of you! Our goal is to fill up Tiger Lily with happy quilters. Please come in and share YOUR hopes and dreams for the shop with us, have a cup of tea and sit and stitch. We truly appreciate you, as customers and friends. We are listening…….
                                                                                      Rita, Lu, Kathy and Janet                                                                                                                  Tiger Lily Quilt Co.