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Shattered Quilt (2 of 3)

The Shattered Quilt is a striking interplay of gritty gray and stark black with angles and shapes created by the insertion of strips andwedges that are unique to each block.  The placement of the insertions is completely up to you, as each individual block is improvisational.  You’ll start with a basic block shape and slice and dice and recombine, creating unique shapes within each block.I had a great time creating this quilt. Once I made the first slice…… I was hooked! I learned a lot about the best ways to insert strips and how to match seams across the wedge insertions and I’ll pass along every tip and insight that I have. If you have ever wanted to throw caution to the wind and just slice and dice your fabric to create something new, then this is your quilt class! The foundational skills taught in the Slice and Insert Techniques class will be used to help you create amazing quilt blocks. You may want to create your own version of the Shattered Quilt in gray and black, or a completely different color scheme may be calling to you.  Either way,this is a fun quilt to create!  You’ll learn a lot and end up with a truly remarkable quilt.

Teacher: Rebecca Lamont                                 

Level: All Levels

Fee: $60

This 9 hour class is split into 3 sessions at the following times:

Sat, June 18, July 18 AND Aug 20, 10am-1pm

Earlier Event: July 14
Sit 'n' Stitch Pin Cushion Plus