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809 Court St.
Utica, NY 13492


Ohio Star Decoratively Stitched


Most Sewing machines come with a few decorative
stitches, and some have hundreds. Do we use those
stitches? Most of us don’t. I say it’s time we start using
those fancy stitches. I have come up with a class that
does just that. First you will be making a simple Ohio
Star block. Next you will be diving in and pressing
buttons to try some of those fancy stitches. Before you
know it you will be stitching in circles. Yup, you will be
stitching in circles. If you have a Circular Attachment for
your sewing machine bring it to class. A Circular
Attachment will be helpful but not necessary to stitch in
circles. If you don’t have one and are not sure you want
to invest in one, no problem, I can make you sew in
circles without one. The only requirement for class is
that you know YOUR sewing machine, how to change
stitch length, stitch width, and how to change your
thread tension.

Saturday, August 19, 10-4 Fee: $40

ohio star pillow.jpg