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Utica, NY 13492


Our Great Teachers

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LU Corts

I began quilting as a result of a breast cancer diagnosis. I was a dressmaker at the time
and needed bits and pieces to carry with me. What a gift! Once I was through all of the treatment, I quit my job and started my life as a quilter at Queen Anne’s Lace in Kissimmmee FL. in 1994. Developing classes and teaching soon turned into quilt and pattern design, Itza Lulu Designs was born. I have traveled and taught ever since, working my way up the east coast to return to Whitesboro, NY, my hometown. My patterns are now published through Cut Loose Press and my home base is the beautiful Tiger Lily Quilt Co in Utica, NY . My quilting philosophy is this: if I can do this, ANYONE can!

Lydia Quay middaugh





Lyn Doring













Marlous Carter






Rebecca Lamont grew up on a thriving apple farm with an entrepreneurial father and a mother who enjoyed sharing her Home Ec teaching experience. Destined to spend years in 4-H honing her baking and sewing skills, Rebecca began her own teaching career as a teenager, demonstrating quilting at the New York State Fair. She pursued her interest in quilting over the years, buying fabric, taking classes, buying fabric, working in a quilt store, buying fabric and, eventually, teaching classes.  Finding quilting to be a smashing excuse for collecting all the fore-mentioned fabric, Rebecca continues to enjoy taking classes with talented teachers, creating quilts, and sharing her knowledge with others.  Having acquired an actual teaching degree along the way, Rebecca strives to find or develop intriguing quilt patterns and to create a classroom environment where quilt making is clear, interesting, and above all else, FUN!








Beverly Edmondson

I have loved quilts since my Aunt Dot gave her nieces and nephews each a scrap quilt one Christmas.  I don't remember the front of the quilt at all but I loved the strawberry print on the back. That quilt and my wonderful aunt started me down a lifelong path devoted to quilt making.  In 1976 I made my first quilt, a grandmother's flower garden that was completely stitched and quilted by hand.  The joints were bad, the colors pretty awful, the fabrics weren't necessarily all cotton, and the quilting stitches were big enough to snag your toe on. Truth be told it was pretty ugly, but it didn't matter because I loved it, used it and washed it to shreds over time.  Since then I've made hundreds of quilts, and I don't see any signs of stopping in the near future.  The only thing bigger than my passion for quilts is my passion for sharing the gratification that comes from taking big pieces of fabric and chopping them up into little pieces of fabric and turning around and reassembling them into big pieces of fabric that soon become a quilt to keep someone warm or to hang on the wall. 

Kathy Gouger






Linda Aaronson