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One Block Wonder with Jackie O'Brian

I have been quilting for 20 years. In September I will have been a Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor for 10 years. Maxine Rosenthal released her book One Block Wonders in 2006, that"s when I made my first OBW in 2006. I have been teaching this process for 17 years. So far, I have made 100 OBW's (my friends tell me there is medication for that). OBW Class 1: -Identifying and cutting your repeats. -Aligning repeats including difficult fabrics. -Choosing a ruler and understanding the difference between pointed & blunt tip rulers. -Deciding what strip widths to cut -And of course, cutting all your equilateral triangles. OBW Class 2: -Designing with the hexagons, -Integrating stars & cubes -Designing around a panel

Paper Piecing Club

A get together for people who love paper piecing!

Fidget Quilts

What's a "Fidget" Quilt?? These small lap quilts provide sensory stimulation and activity for people of varying ages and needs, such as dementia, autism or ADHD. They keep young children busy and help them to discover the world during some fun "tummy time?" They can provide engaging purposeful activity for restlessness while relieving stress, alleviating boredom and stimulating the senses. The various textures and built in features help to strengthen hands and keep them mobile while performing familiar activities like dressing skills. Widely used, fidget quilts can be expensive to purchase, but we can make them from scraps, found objects, imagination and simple sewing skills. Customize a fidget quilt as a gift for a loved one or make them for a generous donation to community agencies and care facilities. You can call them fidget quilts, busy blankets, sensory mats or whatever - just call them fun to make and use!

Jun 17
Block of the Month 2023 "No L"
Jun 17
Block of the Month 2023 "No L" with shipping
Jun 20
Beginner Quilting 101

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